Forum Theatre

Safeguarding, Early Intervention and Prevention through Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre is a theatrical genre and style, encouraging audience participation and spect-actorship, exploring different outcomes for dealing with problems or issues. 
The Pen and Paper Forum Theatre model is different, and is centred on an educational approach. It focuses on supporting participants to explore problematic scenarios, and identify different changes they could make to alter the outcomes, however, from a fly-on-the-wall perspective.
Therefore allowing the participant an opportunity to comfortably Explore, Express and Exceed in a safe space from a safe distance. 

Forum Theatre Photographs - 1. Actor and Facilitator Devante performs in the performance. 2. Actor and Facilitator Elicia is hosting a conversation. 3. Devante and Elicia are performing along side 2 students. 4. Pen and Paper CEO Jordan is hosting a conversation with students. 5. Elicia is describing the Hands on Safety methodology.

​Ultimately, the students learn about the topic, understand the outcomes from the traditional storyline on the topic, and are empowered to take control of the action, reflecting a real experience they could very well be experiencing. Delivered in a considerate and respectful way as to reduce distress or upset.

Forum Theatre Topics:

We also recognise that this list is not exhaustive, and are keen to work with new topics based on your needs, so just get in touch.

● Mutual Respect and Tolerance ● Un-Healthy Relationships ● Hate Crime ● British Values ● Bullying and Bystanders

● Domestic Violence and Abuse ● Mate Crime / Peer on Peer Abuse County Lines ● Substance Misuse ● Trespassing on Railways

● Criminal and Sexual Exploitation ● Grooming ● Self Neglect ● Financial / Material Abuse

Each session is 1.5 hours and is split into three areas of discovery.

We are based in South Wales, and have delivered across Wales with our Forum Theatre Programme, including in Cardiff, Bridgend, and Brecon, however, that does not mean we are only deliver our Forum Theatre in Wales.

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