Welcome to the Creative Wellbeing Project – an empowering program that serves as the foundation for developing understanding and confidence in supporting personal Wellbeing and Wellness.

Our Programme embarks on a transformative journey, supporting participants through Exploration and Expression, as they discover the means to exceed their own expectations.

Within each thoughtfully crafted session, a secure space is provided to delve into creative subjects, while embracing essential insights into wellbeing and self-care. The result is a fun and holistic experience that empowers all.

Our Programme has grown from a funded commission Local Authorities and Community Learning Providers, supported by the Welsh Government. Today, it stands as a powerful support system for individuals and organisations across communities, empowering them to explore, express, and exceed their true potential.

The Programme Objectives:

  • To create a wider understanding of the term ‘wellbeing’ and how it can impact us as individuals 
  • To enable people to recognise signs of poor wellbeing in themselves and others 
  • To equip people with a variety of tools and activities to encourage the improvement and sustainment of positive wellbeing beyond the reach of the project sessions
  • To improve communication between staff and management regarding wellbeing requirements and adjustments 
  • To empower individuals to take a proactive role in managing their own wellbeing and have the confidence to reach out to others for additional support if needed
  • To promote additional specialist wellbeing services and increase accessibility to further support if required

What do the sessions include?

Creative Journaling

Creative Journaling takes techniques from all areas of arts, crafts and design, giving participants to self-express their thoughts, emotions & feelings, and ideas. All materials are included and participants are able to continue outside of the session.

Creative Writing

Using the power of words, participants are able to explore their own emotions, thoughts, feelings and ideas in a fictitious environment created and controlled by them.

Gratitude Tiles

Participants will focus on positivity, positive messages and gratitude. With a physical takeaway to remind them of the session and the learning.


Participants will design and create their own sock puppet, which although seems distant to wellbeing, focuses on growth, development and the future.


These days photography is as easy as pulling your phone out, so these participants will focus on stopping, taking notice and appreciating things around us.

Drama and Dance

This is a physical opportunity for participants to engage with others and is a practical way to explore issues affecting us all.

From a full 8 week programme to individual sessions, the programme has been designed to be flexible, resulting in being fully adaptable to your needs.

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